Neomedical is a company specialized in medical equipment such as Gauze, Cotton, Bandage Series. View our Products.

Gauze Products

Gauze Rolls, Pillow Gauze, Zig Zag Gauge, Absorbent Gauze & more...

Cotton products

Cotton Roll, Zig Zag Cotton, Cotton Ball, Dental Cotton Roll & more...

Medical Bandages

Crepe Bandage, Elastic Bandage,  Orthopedic Cast Padding & more..

Adhesive Tapes

Zinc Oxide Plaster, Pe Tape, Non-woven tape, silk tape, sports tape & more...

Non-woven products

Non-woven face mask, Shoes cover, Bouffant Cap, Nurse Cup & more...

First Aid Kits

First Aid Kits & Accessories

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